Gundagai High School

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About our school

Gundagai High School is a small rural secondary school with long-held traditions in innovative curriculum structure and student welfare.

As the school population declines, the curriculum committee has explored a variety of options for preserving choice and diversity of course offerings to meet both student needs and parental expectation. This process involves an on-going review of curriculum structures to preserve a comprehensive education within the constraints imposed by systemic requirements.

Students at Gundagai High School consequently enjoy a wide-ranging curriculum that is comparable to those offered by much larger secondary schools. The welfare committee is active in safeguarding the well-being of all students. The school's welfare policy, "On the Level", is reviewed regularly and all new students receive a copy of the booklet. Focussing on the recognition of student achievement in all areas of activity, academic, cultural, sporting and community, the policy aims at promoting self-esteem and pride in both the school and community.

The school's mission is to develop the potential of each student through the provision of quality educational experiences and, in doing so, to produce competent and confident citizens.

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